Kumho Petrochemical Ventures into CO₂Conversion to Liquefied Carbonic Acid
No. 22 Date registered : 2023.12.03
■ On the 1st, the groundbreaking ceremony for the CCUS core facility, carbon dioxide capture and liquefaction plant, took place in Yeosu. Completion goal 2025



■ Upon completion, a process will be established to capture carbon dioxide from exhaust gas generated by the cogeneration plants' operation and convert it into carbonic acid.
■ The capture and reuse of approximately 69,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year equate to planting 27,000 new trees annually.
■ CEO Baek Jong-hoon, "We will continue developing technology to capture carbon dioxide and convert other high-value carbon compounds, thus practicing carbon neutrality."

On the 3rd, Kumho Petrochemical (CEO Baek Jong-hoon) announced that the company held a groundbreaking ceremony on the 1st, for CO ₂ capture and liquefaction plants, a key facility for the carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS) project, at Kumho Petrochemical's Yeosu 2nd Energy Plant in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do.

Kumho Petrochemical has been gradually preparing for this project by establishing a joint venture called "K&H Special Gas" (CEO Jang Gap-jong) in September after signing a business cooperation MOU with Hankook Special Gases (CEO Han Seung-moon) in July last year. The event was attended by the CEOs of K&H Special Gas, Korea Special Gas, Hyundai Heavy Industries Power System, along with the heads of Kumho Petrochemical's Yeosu Energy plant and Korea Environment Corporation. Following the event, the attendees collectively inspected the site’s progress.

The collection and liquefaction plant, currently under construction, is slated for completion in early 2025. It will selectively collect carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas produced during the steam and electricity production process at Kumho Petrochemical's cogeneration plant. Subsequently, a process will be established to convert it into carbonic acid through K&H Special Gas' liquefaction process. An official from the company explained, "We anticipate annually collecting and reusing about 69,000 tons of carbon dioxide through our domestically based collection technology, which is akin to planting 27,000 new trees each year." Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems will conduct EPC for the entire plant.

Baek Jong-hoon, CEO of Kumho Petrochemical, highlighted, "We will persist in developing technologies to convert captured carbon dioxide into other high-value carbon compounds, contributing to carbon neutrality while exploring new opportunities." Kumho Petrochemical is actively formulating strategies to attain its 2050 carbon-neutral goal, including drafting a carbon-neutral growth plan in March 2022 and devising a "roadmap for implementing greenhouse gas reduction" to combat climate change.


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