Cogeneration Plant
Cogeneration Plant
Cogeneration plant is a business to provide multiple users of residential, commercial, and industrial areas with (thermal or steam and electrical) energy generated from 1 or more concentrated energy generation facilities such as cogeneration plant, thermal-specific boiler, or resource recovery facilities.


  • Supply electricity, steam, and purified water to businesses in Yeosu Industrial Complex


  • By taking advantage of the waste heat, electricity and heat energy are produced at the same time to improve the overall energy usage efficiency (75-90% of energy efficiency and 20-30% of energy saving)
  • As a distributed power supply source, it can be used for power peak-cutting in summer and winter and contribute to stable power supply
  • Supply full-year stable utilities by operating multiple sites and backup facilities
  • Help reducing the cost of equipment and power transmission loss due to remote transmission
  • Contribute for improved environment conditions by reducing the fuel usage and by concentrating on antipollution facility management (30% or more reduction of pollutant)


Starting with 2 gas boilers, we were certified as a private group energy provider in 1993 and obtained the electricity sales right as a private business in 1995. With diversification of fuel (TDF, Bio-SRF, etc.) and introduction of extraction back-pressure & extraction-condensing cogeneration facilities and passive equipment, we have promised stable production of our clients and aggressively contributed to national energy saving policies. As a CFBC boiler leader of Korean market, we are procuring coal from our logistics subsidiary, Kumho T&L, as a stable source and leading R&D for various types of solid fuel.

Product Information


Classification Facilities Capacity Remarks
Electricity Generation 35.9 MW x 1EA 300 MW Korea Electric Power Corporation - Yeocheon T/L, Hwachi T/L
119.13 MW x 1EA
144.97 MW x 1기
Passive Equipment 70/90 MVA x 2EA 185 MVA
45 MVA x 1EA
Steam Gas Boiler 60 T/hr x 2EA 1,710 T/hr Tail-Gas
CFBCBoiler 290 T/hr x 1EA Only for coal
250 T/hr x 2EA TDF mixed firing
400 T/hr x 2EA TDF, Biomass mixed firing
Demineralized water 160 T/hr x 4EA 1,840 T/hr  
300 T/hr X 4EA
Purified Water 300 T/hr x 1EA 1,600 T/hr  
37.5 T/hr x 8EA
50 T/hr x 4EA
100 T/hr x 8EA
Drinking Water 10 T/hr x 1EA 28 T/hr
18 T/hr x 1EA

* Korea 1st TDF(Tire Derived Fuel)-mixed firing CFBC(Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion) boiler equipment

A. Steam

Type Pressure kgf/cm2 Temperature(℃) Own Standard
Steam Main Steam Approx.100 Approx.480 Conductivity: < 5㎲/cm
pH: 8.5 ~ 9.2
SiO2: < 0.02ppm
Approx.128 Approx.538
High-pressure Steam Approx.45 Approx.330
Medium-pressure Steam Approx.25 Approx.250
Low-pressure Steam Approx.10 Approx.200

We are generating power by supplying turbine generators with steam generated from firing boilers and fluidized-bed boilers and offering steam of desired pressure by extracting it from the middle of turbines.

B. Electricity

Type Voltage Frequency Remarks
Electricity 22.9 kV Normal system frequency 60Hz Power supply without interruption

Without interruption, we are supplying power from ourselves and KEPCO to Yeosu Industrial Complex. Besides, we are contributing to protection of national electricity loss and electrical peak by back-feeding the power from our turbines to Korea Power Exchange.

C. Water

Type Own Standard
Water Demineralized water pH: 6.5 ~ 7.5, Conductivity: < 1㎲/cm
SiO2: < 0.02ppm, Fe: < 0.01ppm
Purified Water Turb: < 2 Deg
Drinking Water In compliance with water criteria from Ministry of Environment

Water goes through water filter and gravity filter bed to become purified water which is used to produce pure water through ion-exchange pure water production equipment so that we can provide purified/pure water.

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