General Purpose Polystyrene
KUMHO GPPS is a universal resin for home appliances, structural parts, and daily supplies because of its high strength and foaming processability.


  • Disposable cup
  • Optical disk case
  • Daily supplies
  • Building materials
  • Electronic parts


  • Good transparency, coloring property, electrical characteristic, water resistance, and dimensional stability without toxicity
  • Good for foaming process (thermoforming and foaming) with low-melt viscosity and decomposition by heating

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Category Grade Characteristics Tensile Strength(㎏/㎠) Flexural Strength(㎏/㎠) IZOD Impact strength(kg·cm/cm) Heat Distortion Temp.(℃) Melt Flow index
GPPS GP 125 General Purpose 430 580 1.5 82 9.0
GP 125E Heat Resistance 480 720 1.5 87 7.0
GP 125EB High Strength 450 720 1.5 85 5.3
GP 150K Super High Strength, Extrusion 520 890 1.5 92 3.0
GP 150I Super High Strength, Injection 520 890 1.5 92 3.0
GP 150E Super High Strength 530 900 1.5 92 2.5


Division Region Name TEL EMAIL
Sales Africa, Middle east Kyeyeong Cho +82-2-6961-1786 mail
Sales Europe Harrison Park +82-2-6961-1784 mail
Sales Europe(Frankfurt Office) Junhyuk Choi +82-2-6961-1782 mail
Sales North America Sumyeong Kim +82-2-6961-1884 mail
Sales North America(San Diego Office) Donggun Kim +82-1619-371-2557 mail
Sales SE Asia Jongik Oh +82-2-6961-1891 mail
Sales SW Asia Woojin Park +82-2-6961-1885 mail
Sales Turkey Glen Lee +82-2-6961-1785 mail
Sales Vietnam John Nam +82-2-6961-1887 mail
Technical Service America, Asia Hyeyoung Shin +82-42-865-8778 mail
Technical Service Europe, Africa, Middle east Deokjin Seo +82-42-865-8782 mail
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