President & CEO

President & CEO

Dear shareholders and customers,

Since its foundation in 1970, Kumho Petrochemical has grown into a global petrochemical company by establishing a business portfolio that encompasses synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, specialty chemicals, carbon nanotubes(CNT), energy, and building materials—a result of our continued efforts to provide better future value.

The recent structural changes in the industry and emerging threats in the business environment have invited unprecedented challenges yet inspired innovation in the petrochemical industry.

In line with these changes, Kumho Petrochemical plans to become a “solution partner.” Beyond product and technology development, we aim to achieve the highest level in each of the business process, services, and human resources fields and provide optimal solutions to prioritize customer needs.

Our company will strive to improve the safety and environment of the organization and society as a whole. We aim to do so while securing growth engines by diversifying our portfolio with new types of businesses and building a structure for stable profitability, with the end goal of becoming a company trusted by all stakeholders.

Thank you.

대표이사 부사장 백종훈 사진


Name Jong-Hoon Baek
Date of Birth Sept. 08, 1961
Education Feb. 1980 Busan Jungang High School
  Feb. 1986 Department of Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University
  Feb. 1996 MBA from Sogang University
  Dec. 2019 AMP from Yonsei University
Experience Aug. 1988 Joined Kumho Shell Chemical as an experienced employee
  Oct. 1988 Mitsubishi Yuka Shell R&D Center, Japan
  May. 1990 Belgium Shell R&D Center
  Apr. 1996 Epoxy Sales Team Leader, Kumho P&B Chemicals
  Jul. 2000 Phenol/Solvent Sales Team Leader, Kumho P&B Chemicals
  Jan. 2004 Sales Strategy Team Leader / Overseas Sales Team Leader, Kumho P&B Chemicals
  Dec. 2005 Vice President in Sales Division, Kumho P&B Chemicals
  Dec. 2007 Senior Vice President in Sales Division, Kumho P&B Chemicals
  Dec. 2015 Executive Vice President in Sales Division, Kumho Petrochemical
  Apr. 2021 CEO and Senior Executive Vice President, Kumho Petrochemical
  Dec. 2022–Present CEO and President, Kumho Petrochemical
  2019–2021 IISRP (International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers, Inc.) International President
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