We maintain a task-oriented personnel system to rationally manage performances.

Production / Research

Production / Research
Tasks Job Descriptions Related University Majors
Production planning, raw material supply,
management of production personnel, and inventory
Chemical Engineering
and similar fields
Quality Control Quality policy, identifying customer requirements,
and quality improvement
Chemistry, polymer fields
Reviewing of environmental safety regulations,
establishing environmental management objectives,
and establishing accident prevention plans and education on safety
Environments, Safety Engineering
and similar fields
Office Business Plant facilities maintenance and improvement
as well as capacity expansion
Mechanical, Electrical,
Chemical Engineering and similar fields
Research Finding and planning of research topics
and establishing and implementing medium- to long-term R&D strategies
Chemistry, Chemical Engineering,
polymer, mechanical, electrical,
engineering fields

Sales / Business Management

Sales / Business Management
Tasks Job Descriptions Related University Majors
Sales Domestic and overseas sales, establish sales strategies,
finding new customers, market research and
trend analysis, management of bonds and agents
Arts, commerce or similar
Business Management Planning, human resources, general affairs, purchasing,
accounting, financing, logistics, and business support
Commerce or similar
IT IT planning, groupware and ERP systems operations,
and IT infrastructure operations
Science and engineering
Legal Legal risk assessments and dealing with legal issues Law
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