An enterprise that creates the future in which humans and environment are partners.


Kumho Petrochemical is forging ahead activities that protect and cultivate the environment, which is the foundation for our lives. We have established a voluntary environ-mental management practice based on our management philosophy that environment is prior to business. We carry out strict environmental management practice from product manufacturing to waste treatment. By educating our executives and staff members the importance of efficient use of resources and energy, we are putting a concerted effort into a true environmental management practice. We will be the leader in protecting our environment under the firm belief that it is our responsibility to protect our natural environment to make it cleaner and more beautiful for the next generation.

Environmental Management Vision and Strategy

Environmental Management Vision and Strategy
Medium- to Long-term Environmental Goals Medium- to Long-term Core Strategies
  • Introduction of eco-friendly raw materials
  • Development of new eco-friendly materials
  • Continuous process improvement
Energy Climate
  • Responding to climate changes
  • Introduction of waste heat recovery
    and high-efficiency energy equipment
  • Establish energy management system
Play a Leading Role
in Environment
• Safety • Health
  • RoHS
  • GHS Response Activities
Strengthening of the
System Execution
  • Workplace familiarization (RC activities)
  • Maintenance/management of Workplace
    Environment • Safety • Health certification
  • Improvement through management of
    environmental performance indicators
  • Establish Environment • Safety • Health
    management systems of the workplace of
    overseas operations and partners
Environmental Vision
An enterprise that creates the future in
which humans and environment are par-
Environmental Policy
  1. 1.Environment·Safety·Health
    Consideration for the entire process
  2. 2.Environment·Safety·Health
    Results and Continuous and
  3. 3.Environment·Safety·Health
    Zero Accident
  4. 4.Minimize environmental pollutants
    and improve work environment
  5. 5.Enhance awareness of environ-
    mental safety and health manage
  6. 6.Active communication with inter
    ested parties
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