We will provide the world’s best
products and become a reliable
partner that puts the environment first.

Kumho Petrochemical, founded in 1970 and possessing the largest synthetic rubber manufacturing capacity in the world, is doing businesses in various fields, such as synthetic resins, specialty chemicals, nanocarbon, energy, and building materials. Kumho Petrochemical, which has grown as an active player in Korea’s industrial development for the past 50 years, will stand at the forefront of material innovation and will become a global petrochemical company that develops and provides higher values

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    "Changes" for the core competences
    To compete on the global field, we have focused
    all our efforts on securing the best technology and
    manufacturing capabilities. We have put together
    our expertise in IT, energy, and logistics to provide
    higher-value petrochemical products. We are cons-tantly challenging and changing our system to be-come a major player in the petrochemical industry.
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    “Trust” the foundation of a corporation
    For more than 40 years, we have developed strong partnerships with leaders in tire, automobile industries. For more than 25 years, there has not been a labor strike or any similar action as management and labor union continue to work with trust on each other. We have tirelessly provided the highest quality to our customers.
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    Put the “Environment” first
    Based on our corporate philosophy of “Putting the Environment First”, we have adopted the Internatio-nal Environmental Management System, the first in the industry, and have been at the forefront of the strengthening of the environmental standards move-ment. We are creating a safer and more healthful environment through developments of technologies that are considerate to humans and environment.

KKPC Information

The Year of 2023

  • 6.3 Sales (Trillion, KRW)
  • 3.8 Market Capitalization (Trillion. KRW)
  • 20 World-class
  • 1,523 Employees
  • 14 Affiliates
기업정보 테이블
Name Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (KKPC)
Business Synthetic Rubbers, Synthetic resins, Specialty Chemicals, Nanocarbon, Energy, Building Materials
Vision Solution Partner Creating Our Common Future With Value Beyond Chemistry
CEO Jong-hoon Baek
Sales 6,322 billion (KRW)
Employees 1,523
Founded Dec 28. 1970
Headquarters Signature Tower East Wing, 100 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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