안전환경보건활동 및 투자를 통하여 환경안전관리 및 강화를 지속적으로 실시합니다. 안전환경보건활동 및 투자를 통하여 환경안전관리 및 강화를 지속적으로 실시합니다. 안전환경보건활동 및 투자를 통하여 환경안전관리 및 강화를 지속적으로 실시합니다.

SEH gathering and execution of safety cross examination

금호석유화학은 안전경영을 위하여 사업장간 안전환경교류회 및 교차안전진단을 실시하고
우수사례 벤치마킹,안전관리 예방활동 강화를 지속적으로 실시해 오고 있습니다.
SEH gathering and execution of safety cross examination

Integrated meeting on SEH

금호석유화학은 최소 연 1회 이상 안전환경보건경영에 대한 전반적인 현황을 보고함으로써 환경안전 활동
사례 및 관리기법의 정보를 교환하고 안전환경보건경영의 문제점이나 위해 요소를 찾아내어 추적, 관리하
는 등 최고경영층의 안전환경보건에 대한 적극적인 관심과 확고한 의지를 반영하고 있습니다.
Integrated meeting on SEH

Installation of SEH (Safety, Environment and Health) integrated management system

EHS 통합관리시스템은 전세계적으로 강화되고 있는 환경, 안전, 보건 기준에 적극적으로 대응하기
위한 SAP 기반 IT 솔루션으로 ▲ 사업장 작업환경 및 작업안전 등 관리를 위한 환경안전보건 관리 ▲
유해 화학물질 유통량 산정 및 유통 관리를 위한 화학물질 관리 ▲ 온실가스 감축을 위한 온실가스
인벤토리 관리 등 부문으로 구성되어 있습니다.
Installation of SEH (Safety, Environment and Health) integrated management system

Safety Environment and health management system (internal/external evaluation)

ISO14001 환경경영시스템과 ISO 45001 안전보건경영시스템의 유효성 및 지속적인
유지관리를 위해 내/외부 심사를 연간 1회 이상 실시해오고 있으며, 이를 통해 당사의 안전환경보건
경영시스템을 보완하고 더욱 발전된 시스템으로 구축하고 있습니다.
Safety Environment and health management system (internal/external evaluation)

Activity Details

1사 1하천 정화활동
One company one stream purification
Period : once a month
Location : Mugeocheon Stream, Ssangbongcheon Stream, Samho Island area etc.
No. of participant : 150/year
Details: waste collection, promotion activity towards local residents and tourists, water pollution analysis, removal of weed
1사1산 정화활동
One company one mountain purification
Period : 4 times/year
Location : Moonsoo Mountain, Ulsan etc.
No. of Participant : 90/year
Details : waste collection, promotion activity towards local residents
1사 1하천 정화활동
One company one swamp purification activity
Period : once every quarter
Location : Hwaeum Swamp, Cheonseong Mountain, Yangsan
Details : waste collection, ecosystem change observation etc.
1사 1하천 정화활동
Nature ecosystem conservation
Period : once a month
Location : Heojigi Reservoir, Doodong-meon, Ulju-gun, Daeeuncheon Stream, Jangsaengpo Maritime Park
No. of participant : 50/year)
Details: bullfrog and tadpole eradication movement, feeding migratory birds in the bitter cold, fry discharge event, exotic plant eradication movement
지역주민을 위한 환경안전 교육실시
Environment and Safety Education for Local Residents
Purpose : raise local residents’ consciousness on environment conservation spirit
explain government’s environment related policies to employees and their family as well as the nearby residents
promote reducing disposable products, waste separate collection method and status quo of petrochemical industrial complex and Kumho Petrochemical’s environment conservation related activities
deliver tips to prevent accidents related to electricity and gas facilities, provide hands-on experience about using fire extinguisher
In order to continuously improve the management performance of Kumho Petrochemical, the identity of corporate management and the environmental aspects are simultaneously considered through the control of environment-related expenses and investments.

The corporate’s environmental costs are mainly used for consignment for a wastewater treatment facility, waste treatment, and energy/GHG gas reduction activities. The operational expenses introduced for the purpose of a more systematic environmental management are added, which makes growing environmental costs. For the reduction of environmental burden and the creation of a pleasant environment through facility investment and greening projects for business sites, Kumho Petrochemical is continuously increasing the environmental investments. For instance, the facility investments include the installation of microbial decomposition facilities (bio-filter) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odor treatment, and construction of soil pollution prevention facilities, RTO installation.

Kumho Petrochemical constantly strives to reinforce environment and safety competitiveness and execution ability with the safety of its employees and partner companies as the top priority of management subject. We discover risks and hazards in business sites and improve facilities to prevent safety accidents as we focus on reinforcing safety management in all sites through replacing obsolete equipment and making more facility investment.

Introduction of RC

RC Code consists of 6 codes, local society recognition and emergency response, fairness and safety, workers’ safety and health, environment protection, and the principle of product responsibility. Each code consists of a 'purpose' that describes the main points, ‘basic policy and relation’ that discloses the chemical industry’s publicness outside related to the implementation of Responsible Care, and ‘implementation guideline’ that is comprised of practice items necessary to fulfill the purpose of the code


COMPS is a specific RC implementation plan that can support performance improvement as Kumho Petrochemical figures out the most significant concern outside the company and maps out and fulfills concrete goals and plans in line with the implementation guideline at each site

RC Policy

Implementation of Responsible Care is a token of the CEO to actively support
responsible management of chemical substances, an expression of the chemical
industry’s willingness to proactively consider the public’s concern related
to the negative impact chemical substances and hazardous waste can have on
the environment, safety and healthcare industry.


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