Building Materials
HUGREEN is the eco-friendly construction material brand that values respect for human and life along with the nature. It tries to develop pleasant and beautiful housing culture.


  • Balcony windows
  • inner windows
  • system windows
  • school windows
  • curtain wall
  • insulator


  • Offer high-quality life space with eco-friendly ABS resin material
  • Develop more pleasant and beautiful life space through high-class exterior design and improved energy-saving capability
  • Promise differentiated service with site-customized design proposal and a space beyond your expectation through scientific design and perfect construction


Product Information

  • ABS Window systems : By adopting eco-friendly material, ABS resin, there is not harmful heavy metal content and creative design is
    provided through a selection of various colors other than just boring white color.

First, safe Window systems without heavy metal

중금속이 없는 안심창호

Second, stronger and safer solid Window systems

둘, 더 강하고 안전한 튼튼창호

Third, fashion Window systems in different colors

셋, 다양한 컬러의 패션창호
  • PVC Window systems : With energy-saving & high-insulation product design and special sealing material, we guarantee best Window systems by improving sound insulation, maximizing water-tightness from drop drain structure, and reinforcing wind resistance through diversification of window leaves and reinforcement specification.
  • AL Window systems : With optimum design, fabrication, and construction through careful technical analysis of the best FACADE designers and engineers, we provide differentiated services while creating premium space by adopting insulation materials including Polyamide and azone.
  • Insulator(Gold Foam) : This is a high-quality finishing material with the best quality among organic insulators for its excellent insulation and great compression strength with Korea's 1st atmospheric extrusion board.
휴그린은 Humanism과 Green의 합성어로 인간과 환경을 생각하는 금호석유화학 친환경 건축자재 브랜드입니다.
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