Dividend Policy

Dividend policy
No. 1 Date registered : 2022.03.31

Dividends are determined by considering factors such as the size of the company's profits, securing investment resources for growth, and stabilization of the financial structure within the range of dividends available.

As a shareholder return policy, we set 25~35% of our separate net income for the next two to three years.

We maintain the dividend payout ratio of 20~25% (non-consoidated) and plan to acquire and cancel treasury stocks equivalent to 5~10% of seperate net income. 


This policy is determined in consideration of the company's debt repayment plan and future investment plan to secure financial stability, and can be flexibly applied according to changes in business environment and internal strategy.
Based on a stable business structure, we will always do our best so that the growth of the company can lead to improvement of shareholder value.

[Dividends for the last 5 business years]

* Dividend per share is for other shareholders (Common share), differential dividend payout ratio

  applied to large shareholders 

 (FY2020 KRW4,000 / FY2019 KRW1,350 / FY2018 KRW1,200 / FY2017 KRW 900 / FY2016



No. 12022.03.31
Dividend policy
No. 12022.03.31
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