Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition
This business provides an optimized systems and solutions in the area of your business that required advanced security by carrying out user authentication using human faces, thereby ensuring that your business is safe from piracy, forgery, and loss.


  • Access control
  • time and attendance management
  • system security
  • CCTV Surveillance (Security Surveillance)
  • CD/ATM security


  • Provides a prompt and accurate high-performance face recognition function(<= 0.7 seconds during a 1:2,000 comparative test)
  • Provides hardware devices and software suitable for customers’ requirements in solution forms
  • Provides protocols and solutions that are compatible with existing systems
  • Can be connected with external devices using various interfaces
  • Provides a means to carry out successful face recognition business together by providing SDK related with face recognition solutions

Application Case

  • Singapore large-sized shipyard employee management system construction and operation (Now operating, from 2011 to the present)


After several years of R & D, we at Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd. have completed the development of FaceTechTM, a face recognition solution and system, and released it to the market. Currently, we are providing various solutions such as software and hardware terminals or systems. In particular, since 2011, we have supplied our employee management system using our face recognition technology to large-scale foreign shipyard companies, and we are extremely proud of its excellent performance, stability, and applicability, maintaining more than 99.8% average success rate for face recognition. In addition, we are spurring the development not only of access control devices and employee management system, but also solutions for financial security and an intelligent-type security control system, with the goal of releasing them to the market in January 2016. We promise our customers that, through endless R & D, we will make our utmost efforts to create the world’s best system with 100% success rate for face recognition.

Product Information

Product Name Purpose Characteristic Picture
FTT-05 / FTT-08 Time-Attendance / Access control device

HD camera of more than 3M

Embedded RF card reader

1:1, 1:N dual authentication mode

0.5 Seconds in one to one, 0.7 Seconds in one to multi

FTS-KeeperA / FTS-KeeperC User Authentication in the personalization system

Available for laptops, desktops, and workstations

Automatic system lock in case the user vacates his/her seat or another user attempts to access the system

FTS-Watch CCTV Video Surveillance

Support 2 or 4 channels Video surveillance

Pop the results up in various ways, subsequent to facial recognition and database comparison

Compatible with existing DVRs/NVRs (in case of IP cameras)

FTS-Analyzer Recorded image automatic face search

Extraction of face from DVR/NVR or recorded image file

Notification of the results in various types after comparison with DB

FTS-Server Face recognition integrated server

Provides a face recognition function

Compatible with third-party products (as a terminal and general software)

FTS-Smart Smart device security

Security in the use of smart phone and tablet data and equipment

Used for smart device based inspection

FTS-SDK Face recognition development toolkit

Implements the face recognition solution in the simplest and most efficient method

Abundant technical supports

System Configuration

Person in Charge

Division Region Name TEL EMAIL
Sales Dongjoon Kim +82-2-6961-1321 mail
Technical Service Yongha Kim +82-2-6961-1322 mail
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