Kumho Petrochemical Group Achieves 20 World-Class Products
No. 23 Date registered : 2019.11.27
-Three high-performance synthetic rubber products recognized as World-class Products this year

On November 27, Kumho Petrochemical’s Chairman and CEO Park Chan-koo announced that three of Kumho Petrochemical’s products, namely SSBR (solution styrene butadiene rubber), NdBR (ultra high-cis polybutadiene rubber), and INB-Latex (industrial acrylonitrile butadiene latex), were selected as World-class Products this year, increasing the total number of the group’s World-class Products to 20.


This year, synthetic rubber for high-performance tires, Kumho Petrochemical’s flagship sector, achieved exceptional results. SSBR, used in the tread where the tire is in contact with the road surface to improve fuel economy and braking power; and NdBR, applied to tires and golf balls for its excellent resilience, abrasion resistance, and dust reduction, were chosen as World-class Products on the back of sustained growth.


In the synthetic latex category, INB-Latex was selected. A material for industrial latex gloves, INB-Latex protects workers’ hands from various machinery and chemicals in industrial fields with its high strength and chemical resistance. Kumho Petrochemical plans to proactively prepare for the growing demand for industrial latex gloves in addition to NB-Latex used for medical gloves.


The World-class Product Award is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and certified by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). Several factors are considered in the selection of World-class Products: a global market share over 5%, a ranking within the top five in the world, and a global market size of more than USD 50 million or an annual export that amounts to USD 5 million or more. Last year, Kumho Petrochemical’s synthetic rubber SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) was selected as the group’s 17th World-class Product.



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